Have you been suffering from severe back or neck pain for years now? If you are looking for a natural way to ease the pain without having to rely on pharmaceutical drugs then perhaps you should consider seeing a chiropractor. A chiropractor can offer pain-relief options without the need for medical drugs. Chiropractors rely on time-tested methods and techniques in relieving pain and treating a number of health conditions.

What is A Chiropractor?

Believe it or not but a chiropractor is considered a health care professional whose primary focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of neuromuscular disorders through the physical manipulation of the patient’s spine. The goals of chiropractors are to alleviate pain while enhancing patients’ functionality. Not only do they treat neuromuscular conditions but they also prioritize education by teaching their patients how to be accountable for their own wellbeing through regular exercise and constant therapy in treating back pain.

What Does A Chiropractor Do?

Although chiropractors are popularly known to be doctors who specialize in treating back pain, they can do more than alleviate pain. In fact, they are trained not just to address pain but also to actually find the main source of the pain, disease or illness. Chiropractors use a holistic approach in treating patients and this is what makes them different from traditional medical doctors. They aim to treat the general condition of the patient rather than address the blatant symptoms. Integrative wellness is what they call it. Examples of the services they offer are manual chiropractic adjustments to the spine, the application of ice and heat, stress relieving methods such as deep breathing, stretches, nutritional therapy, supplement recommendations and electrical stimulation among others.

This may all sound new to you but the truth is, chiropractic practice has been around for centuries. In fact, it has been said that spinal manipulation dates back to 400 B.C. During this time, Hippocrates, a Greek physician, treated spinal conditions by manually adjusting the spine. Nearly 2000 years ago, Buddhist temples showed representations of spine manipulation. Despite the ancientness of chiropractic practice, it is widely being practiced today owing to its efficacy in treating a plethora of conditions. In fact, at present, you’ll be surprised to know that licensed chiropractic doctors in America have reached a total of 77,000 treating hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world.

If you are one of the many who are suffering from debilitating and disturbing pain and you want it to stop without using medications or undergoing surgery, this might be the treatment for you.

Here are 7 reasons why you should see a chiropractor today:

Back Pain

Individuals who are suffering from back pain can greatly benefit from chiropractic treatment. The most common cause of back pain in patients is having poor posture. It may be possible that their spine isn’t aligned right. If the patient moves the pain could spread. Chiropractors are able to address this problem even for just one session. The outcome of the treatment is the patient’s posture will be corrected and the pain will go away.

Neck Pain

Another condition chiropractic practice is known to treat is neck pain and just like back pain; the contributing factor is poor posture. During a chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will manually adjust your spine and put it back in its right alignment. When this is achieved, the patient will no longer experience pain.

Pain and Numbness

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome often complain of pain, numbness and weakness in their hand. The pain is a result of pressure applied on the median nerve, which is the nerve located along your arm that passes through your wrist known as the carpal tunnel and ends in your hand. More often than not, it’s the bones in your hands; wrist and arms that contribute to this problem. A few adjustments in these areas will solve the problem.


Headache, although a minor problem, can greatly affect your ability to concentrate and this can negatively impact your performance either at school or at work. Numerous cases of chiropractic treatment resulted to the cure of headaches after manipulating the patient’s back and neck. So, if you are constantly suffering from headaches, you should try to see a chiropractor. Several studies have backed up this claim. In fact, chiropractic treatment is much more effective compared to taking over-the-counter painkillers.


Have you noticed that when your body is experiencing constant pain you feel tired and fatigued? That’s because your body is trying to suppress the pain and doing so can tire you down. By addressing the pain through chiropractic practice, you will feel energized and invigorated after.

Difficulty Sleeping

Pain disrupts sleep. A lot of people are having trouble sleeping because of pain in their bodies. Lack of sleep also results to fatigue, tiredness and mood swings. If you want to get a good night’s sleep once and for all you need to undergo chiropractic therapy to address the pain. Once pain is addressed you will be able to sleep soundly at night.


Everyone in this planet is subject to stress. You get stressed when you’re stuck in traffic or when you are trying to beat deadlines during a hectic workday. There are so many reasons for you to get stressed and the sad part is that stress not only affects your mind it also manifests in your body causing you to get sick. Chiropractic treatment is not just for individuals who are in pain; it can also benefit those who are under a lot of stress. It’s just like going to the spa, not only does it rejuvenate your body it also invigorates and relaxes your mind. If this is what you are looking for, you should see a chiropractor.

These are just seven of the many reasons why a chiropractor is a better choice. It’s natural, it’s effective and it has stood the test of time. Numerous claims and testimonials prove that chiropractic treatment is beneficial to our overall well being.

Dr. Paul Braadt is a 3rd generation chiropractor and a graduate of the prestigous Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been treating patients for over 35 years in Allentown, PA.